A new ‘National Building Safety Regulator’ is being established – in shadow form – by the Health and Safety Executive.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems – designed and installed in accordance with BS9251 will play an increasingly key role in the new legislation.

Following the announcement in January that the new, national Building Safety Regulator is being established in shadow form by the Health and Safety Executive, the government’s response sets out how residents’ safety is at the heart of new system, including:

  • The new regulator will be responsible for implementing and enforcing a more stringent regulatory regime for higher risk buildings, as well as providing wider and stronger oversight of safety and performance across all buildings, and increasing the competence of those working on building safety.
  • The more stringent regulatory regime will, at the outset, apply to all multi-occupied residential buildings of 18 metres or more in height, or more than six storeys (whichever is reached first).
  • The new regulator will be responsible for all major regulatory decisions made at key points during the design, construction, occupation and refurbishment stages of buildings in scope.
  • Under the new regime, residents will have new rights to receive information about the safety of their building and be able to request access to appropriate detailed safety information.

Construction products have a critical impact on building safety and the government will establish a national construction products regulatory role to strengthen the oversight of the existing regulatory regime.

These reforms are designed to incentivise compliance from industry, regulators and residents; and to better enable the use of enforcement powers and sanctions, including prosecution as a last resort where the rules are not followed.





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